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About the application field of static elimination rod

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  Static elimination rod, Usually refers to static elimination equipment. The variety of static elimination rods is relatively abundant. It is well-known for the common anti-static equipment such as ion blowers, ion wind rods, ion wind snakes and so on. As the pace of society continues to accelerate, products in the field of static electricity are also changing with each passing day. Ion rod, one of static elimination rods. The electrostatic rod combined with the ion wind knife is the so-called ion wind rod. Ion stick, without wind.
However, the flow of positive and negative ions occurs during work, and it is helpful for light-weight objects to remove static electricity at close range. Ion rods are not new in the category of static elimination rods, but they still have a place in the development of static elimination equipment for so long. It can be seen that the scope of application is still relatively wide. According to the characteristics of ion bars, the use of ion bars is more suitable for removing static electricity in articles similar to films.
The raw materials of ion bars are environmentally friendly and recyclable that we have always used, and the length and standard can be customized according to customer requirements.
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