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Matters needing attention in the use of centrifugal wind snake

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Ion Wind Snake is a kind of anti-static products using compressed gas series. On the basis of the ion tuyere, a variable direction variable dragon is installed. It has the characteristics of easy installation, stable operation, weak wind speed, and fast elimination of static electricity. It needs to be used with a high-voltage generator.
Ion Wind Snake is a kind of anti-static products using compressed gas series. Pay attention to the following points when using ion wind snake:
1. The high-pressure ion wind snake is a precision, active anti-static product. Under satisfaction of its conditions of use.
2. All high-voltage anti-static equipment, during operation, should always check whether the product reaches the anti-static function or whether abnormal conditions occur. If a single product is found to be abnormal during the operation, it should be promptly withdrawn from the operation area and contact the supplier for resolution.
3. The connection between the air gun head and the high-voltage line, do not often bend and rotate hard, because the connection between the gun head and the handle is metal and the high-voltage line is easy to break, and it is easy to form a fire and burn down; the wind snake is a high-voltage electronic product, which must be separated from people Guidelines for power failure.
Inductive ion wind snake, which uses strong ion wind to remove static electricity and dust on the surface of the object, can be randomly changed to point in the direction of the target, and is equipped with an active induction switch, which belongs to the industrial category. The flexible appearance design is suitable for automatic static and dust removal. Built-in high-voltage generator, save material to a great extent, economic and environmental protection. Both safe and beautiful, it is the choice of technology production.