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Inductive ion wind snake

Inductive ion wind snake

Product Details

Principle and application scope of ion wind snake:

HM-305CF inductionIon wind snakeThe ion wind snake series can effectively eliminate the static electricity on the surface of the static removal device; manually wind the coil to make the snake modify the target direction, so that the surface of the target ion current is directly blown, and can be installed in various working areas, except Good effect electrostatic precipitator needs to be equipped with high voltage generator and support using compressed air.

The HM-305CF induction-controlled ion wind snake can generate a large amount of airflow with a positive and negative space charge, which can neutralize the charge carried on the object. When the surface of the object is negatively charged, it will attract positive charges in the airflow; when the surface of the object is positively charged, it will attract negative charges in the airflow, neutralizing the static electricity on the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity.

HM-305CF induced ion wind snake is used in electronic assembly line, medical equipment manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing and flat panel display manufacturing industries.


1. Equipped with infrared sensor control switch, which can avoid manual management operation and save gas source;

2. The neutralization of static electricity is rapid, and the electrostatic dust removal effect is good;

3. The area covered by ion current, the wind can be adjusted;

4. The snake tube can swing freely at an ideal social angle, and the length of the snake tube can be separately

*350mm, 400mm, special length can also be customized;

5. Wind snake has good grounding function, safe and reliable;

6. HM-007G/4.6KV high-voltage environment generators can be used together.

Technical parameters (Specification)

Model (Model)


Input voltage

220VAC (or or) 110VAC

Operating Voltage


Operating temperature


HV cable length




Working air pressure


Operating air velocity (Operting air velocity)


Air Consumption

About 5m3/H(0.5MPA)

Test results (Decay Test Results)

Testing Conditions

Test voltage (T esting Voltage) +1000V~100V, -1000V~100V

Ambient temperature (Temp erature) 5℃~25℃ Relative humidity (RH) ≤60%

Test distance (Distance) 150mm

Decay Time



Offset Voltage




1. The test data is based on the ME-268A electrostatic tester results.

2. The speed measurement data will change due to the ambient temperature and humidity during the test.

3. The test is based on IEC-61340-5-1.