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Desktop ion fan

Desktop ion fan

Product Details

Principle and application scope of ion fan:

HM-101 desktopIon fanIt can generate a large amount of airflow with positive and negative charges, which can neutralize the positive and negative charges carried on the object. When the charge on the surface of the object is negative, it will attract the positive charge in the airflow; when the charge on the surface of the object is positive, it will attract the negative charge in the airflow. When equal amounts of positive and negative charges are in contact, electrical neutralization can be achieved. Ion blower can provide a wide range of static elimination area, fast static elimination time and stable ion balance voltage in various working environments (including clean room).

HM-101 desktop ion fan can eliminate or neutralize the static electricity in a wide range of concentrated targets or areas that are not easily accessible. It is an ideal static eliminator for precision electronic products, electronic assembly, pharmaceutical manufacturing assembly, packaging and molding of small products. Mainly applicable to: medical equipment manufacturing, electronic assembly production lines, microelectronic manufacturing and other industries, LED, LCD, PCB and other assembly precision electronic production line applications.


1. Power indicator, with short circuit protection function;

2. Quickly eliminate static electricity and stabilize the ion balance;

3. The fan can be adjusted steplessly, and it can be installed on a desktop or a hanging type;

4. Equipped with ion needle cleaning brush;

5. The ion fan has a good grounding function.

Technical parameters (Specification)

Model (Model)


Input voltage

220VAC (or or) 110VAC

Power consumption

40 VA

Operating temperature


Air flow area


Dimensions (Size)




Air Volume

50-110 CFM

Ion balance


Test results (Decay Test Results)

Testing conditions

Test voltage (T esting voltage) +1000V~100V, -1000V~100V

Ambient temperature (Temp erature) 5℃~50℃ Relative humidity (RH) ≤60%

Test distance (Distance) 300mm

Decay time


Minus 1.2s

Offset voltage




1. The test data is based on the ME-268A electrostatic tester results.

2. The speed measurement data will change due to the ambient temperature and humidity during the test.