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How to detect whether the ion air gun is working normally

The air ion gun body is made of reinforced plastic with high durability, which has the function of removing electricity and dust. The ion air gun has air strengthening function, which can effectively play the role of dust removal. The top of the air gun is fan-shaped, and the air nozzle can be used separately according to the shape of the product

The ion air gun can generate a large number of positive and negative air masses, which are blown out by the compressed gas at high speed, which can neutralize the charge carried on the object. When the surface charge of the object is negative, it will attract positive charges in the airflow. When the surface charge of the object is positive, it will attract negative charges in the airflow, thereby neutralizing the static electricity on the surface of the object. To achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity, high-speed compressed air can also blow away the stubborn dust above the object.

If you use the relevant professional ion air gun detector, you can definitely detect whether the ion air gun can work normally. However, because this kind of instrument does not need to be commonly used, and the price is high, and the maintenance conditions are also quite strict, it is necessary to detect the ion air gun without a tester.

The first method is to check the indication of the warning light of the ion air gun itself. The fan running status will show green light, and the red light will show abnormal conditions, and emit an alarm sound;

The second development method is that a normal ion air gun will have a slight spark when the needle is turned on. The fan needs a period of learning time and can be smelled near the fan mouth. The normal operation of the fan will have ozone Smell (oxygen will also appear in the oxidation technology under high pressure to present ozone), no problem is abnormal;

The third embodiment can be close to the discharge needle with a screwdriver or a metal part, if the discharge phenomenon is significant the ion air gun is in normal operation.

The above methods can only simply determine whether the ion air gun is releasing ions, but the density and frequency of ion release, as well as the positive and negative charge balance can not be measured in time and accurately. If the company’s needs are also very precise, the parameters are still developing. Demand management professionals and professional technical equipment can be tested.

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