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Analysis of the advantages of suspended centrifugal fans

According to the different shapes, the ion air gun can be divided into desktop and hanging. According to the different numbers of ion air guns, they can be divided into single-head, double-head, three-head and multi-head ion air guns. When choosing, the user can decide which ion air gun to use according to the practical effect environment. According to related calculations, the higher frequency is the multi-head ion air gun.
The height of the suspended ion air gun and the equipment, as well as the fast installation and operation are its great strengths. The hanging ion air gun is equipped with a bracket for installation, which can quickly fix the ion air gun. For large production lines and worker workstations, it is very fast to use. Others can adjust the direction of the air outlet of the manual regulator at any time, which can greatly improve the effect power of the ion air gun and maximize its anti-static function.
The multiple air outlets of the multi-head ion air gun can be controlled uniformly without having to operate independently. If there is a problem with one of the fans, it will show anomalies independently and will not affect other fans, which greatly improves the protection and maintenance power. In addition, the multi-head ion air gun is equipped with LED lamps, which can provide photos for the production line, which is more convenient for work.
But here to remind the user, of course, the hanging multi-head ion air gun has a lot of advantages, but it must also be combined with the needs of practice to decide whether it is suitable for yourself. For example, if a small production uses a multi-head ion air gun, it is a waste of resources.
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