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Knowledge of the use of static electricity generators

  Static generatorKnowledge
(1) High voltage supply
1. Do not adjust the output voltage of the high-voltage supply too high, but gradually increase it from small to large, based on the criteria of meeting the requirements. If the voltage is adjusted too high, it is a waste of power and potential safety hazards.
2. Large-capacity capacitors are installed inside the high-voltage supply. When the high-voltage supply is activated, the output voltage can only reach the rated value when the charging demand is certain (GG amp; <3 seconds).="" in="" the="" same="" way,="" after="" the="" high-voltage="" supply="" is="" shut="" down,="" the="" output="" voltage="" must="" be="" reduced="" to="" the="" "undervoltage="" value"="" within="" a="" certain="" time,="" and="" then="" to="" "0"="" after="" a="" certain="" time.="" therefore,="" when="" planning="" the="" start="" and="" stop="" contact="" switches,="" it="" is="" necessary="" to="" consider="" that="" the="" contacts="" have="" a="" sufficient="" connection="" time="" to="" ensure="" normal="" start="" and="" stop.="" when="" overhauling="" the="" electrostatic="" emitter="" (rod),="" the="" discharge="" needle="" can="" only="" be="" touched="" after="" the="" time="" when="" the="" shutdown="" is="" satisfied="" or="" when="" the="" static="" electricity="" of="" the="" emitter="" is="" discharged="" to="" the="" ground="" with="" a="">
(2) Electrostatic launcher (stick)
1. The discharge needle of the electrostatic emitter should be far away from the metal device bracket of the emitter, and the insulating substance should be used as the bracket.
2. In order to make the material can be charged with static electricity, there must be a flat "metal pallet" or "metal mesh plate" on the back of the electrostatic material. This metal pallet is connected to the "earth", that is, the working ground of the DC high-voltage supply, so that the electrostatic discharge can form a "loop".
3. In order to make the material can be filled with static electricity and it will not leak quickly (run away) after the static electricity is added. The greater the insulation value of the material, the better. The more dry the material and the ambient air, the better.
4. The electrostatic discharge needle should not discharge against the bare metal pallet, that is, the area of ​​the material to be charged with static electricity is equal to the area of ​​the metal pallet. If the material to be charged with static electricity changes in area and the area or length of the electrostatic emitter cannot be changed, put a thicker insulation on the bare metal pallet or cover the bare pallet The discharge needle manages to cover it, which is conducive to the accumulation of charge on the material that needs to be charged with static electricity.