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How to prevent the malfunction of static electricity removing air curtain machine?

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When I use the static electricity air curtain machine, I am still afraid of malfunctions. When there is a malfunction, it is too late to repair it. Next, the editor will come to tell us how to prevent the static electricity air curtain machine from occurring. .
1. Failure prevention
Timed diagnosis can predict the abnormality (failure) of the static elimination air curtain system to a certain extent. After the protection and maintenance of smaller parts, to maintain the normal operation of the anti-static air curtain machine. And can prevent the big trouble of the static electricity removing screen machine.
2. Security
The above content is a matter of work. If these machines are to be used safely, it is very important to regularly check the electronic parts and confirm the operation of the leak detection safety equipment. In addition to the aging of the static air curtain machine line and the improper connection method of the wire, it is a major hidden danger of the accident.
3. Keeping fast and adaptable
The heat exchanger that starts to get dirty gradually is not very noticeable, and the cooling ability also decreases with the dirty situation. When you feel that the cooling effect of the static elimination air curtain machine is poor, remind you of the static elimination air curtain machine at this time Various components have now deteriorated.
Four, electric fan
The diagnosis of the electrostatic air curtain machine is mainly directed to the electric fan inside, which is a supply or exhaust device. A blower is an electric fan that blows air into ducts, pressure rooms, rooms or other spaces. An exhaust fan is an electric fan that sucks away the air in the room.