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Static control method of ion fan

Ion air gun is a hand-held static eliminator that can provide strong ion wind to items. It is planned to be used for large air volume dust removal and neutralization of static electricity. The ion wind gun describes the control of static electricity: the control technique of static electricity is to use a general method to control the hazard of static electricity within the allowable range when electrostatic charge accumulation is inevitable.
1. The purpose of the skill control method is to generate as few static charges as possible during the production process. The process of selecting materials, equipping equipment and handling operations in the skill process should adopt precautionary methods to control the onset of static electricity and the mobilization of electric charges, suppress the electrostatic potential and discharge energy, and reduce the harm to a lesser degree.
2. The static screen-off method uses a grounded screen-off cover to separate the charged body from other objects, so that the electric field of the charged body will not affect other surrounding objects. This method of screen-out is called in-field screen-off. Sometimes a shielded shield with a ground is used to surround the isolated object to protect the isolated object from the external electric field. This method of shielding is called external field shielding.
3. The compound neutralization method and others can achieve the elimination of static charge through the compound neutralization method. Generally use static eliminator: ion wind gun, ion fan, ion wind rod, ion wind nozzle, ion wind drum, the positive and negative ions generated to neutralize the charge of the charged body, and may make the surface of the charged objects lubricated and the surrounding environment more Clean and then reduce the possibility of discharge.
4. The purpose of the leakage method is to make the static charge reach the elimination through leakage. Electrostatic grounding is generally used to leak the charge to the ground, and the method of increasing the conductance of the article is generally used to leak the static electricity.
5. Preparedness is an important method or important equipment for you. This is an important element in the control of electrostatic discharge. It is necessary for other people or you to be aware of the dangers of electrostatic discharge during operations in contact with electronic components. Knowing them and getting used to them will be more important than any electrostatic discharge control data.