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About daily protection and maintenance work of centrifugal fan

  Ion fanA lot of air currents with positive and negative charges can occur to neutralize the charge on objects. When the charge on the surface of the object is negative, it will absorb the positive charge in the airflow. When the charge on the surface of the object is positive, it will absorb the negative charge in the airflow, thereby neutralizing the static electricity on the surface of the object , To achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity.
Its daily protection and maintenance work is as follows:
The daily maintenance work of the ion fan is mainly to maintain the anti-static effect of the fan and reduce the maintenance rate. As a static elimination device, the ion fan will be infected with particulate floating dust in the air during long-term use. If it is not cleaned regularly, it will be Reduce the effect of removing static electricity, and at the same time, the residual particles will be blown onto the product.
The primary maintenance and cleaning work has three aspects: the cleaning of the casing and the discharge needle, the verification of the conventional function, and the test of the function of removing electricity.
1. Alcohol scrubbing the outer shell, regularly using the configured brush to clean the discharge needle, four times a year with the discharge needle alcohol scrubbing, these tasks will insist on static elimination time and residual voltage and other parameters to maintain long-term stability.
2. The verification of conventional functions includes: the normal appearance of power indicator lights, alarm lights and related switch buttons, and other analogues have heating functions. The products of each manufacturer will be slightly different, and the products should be verified according to the operating instructions.
3. The test for removing static electricity includes: ion balance test and test at the moment of static elimination. These work are subject to the static test analyzer. If during the test it is found that there is a large error between the time of eliminating static electricity and the residual voltage and the new machine, it needs to be sent to the factory to do the ion fan test and calibration. The general offset specification is now within ±10V, and high-precision occupations should be returned to the factory for protection when it exceeds this value.
Ion blowers are used for resin product composition, film processing, etc.; integrated circuit board printing; ESD protection of electronic components; dust removal and electricity removal of optical machines and precision parts.