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Can the ion wind rod completely eliminate static electricity?

Can the ion wind bar completely eliminate static electricity? Many people have a question when buying an ion wind bar. Can static electricity be completely eliminated by a static eliminator?
What is the concept of complete elimination first? We have to look at this problem from two aspects:
First of all,Ion wind stickWhat is the principle of static electricity removal? After a lot of positive and negative air masses occur, the surface charge of objects in its radiation zone is neutralized.
Second, the principle of static electricity generation. This can go on its own. In theory, any two insulated objects can generate static electricity through contact and friction. It is impossible to completely eliminate static electricity. Therefore, the positive and negative charges in the radiation zone can be neutralized by the ion rod to achieve the purpose of removing static electricity, but it cannot be completely eliminated unless you can let the molecules of the object be in a relatively stopped state.

The electrostatic principle of the ion wind bar is that a lot of air masses with positive and negative charges occur, which can neutralize the charges carried on objects in the ion radiation area passing through it. When the surface of the object is negatively charged, it will attract positive charges in the radiation area. When the surface of the object is positively charged, it will attract negative charges in the radiation area, thereby neutralizing the static electricity on the surface of the object , To achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity.

After the above two points, it should be understood that static electricity cannot be completely eliminated. We can only use static elimination products such as ion bars to control, so as to prevent the occurrence of static electricity in the production process in time.

Ion wind rod is a special device for static destaticization, which is a kind of rod-type antistatic product. It has the following characteristics: easy installation, stable operation, and fast elimination of static electricity.

In addition to removing static electricity, you should also be aware of the following points when using ion wind bars:

1. You must read the operation manual before installation.

2. Must be reliably grounded before operation.

3. The ion wind bar cannot be operated in flammable and explosive environments.

4. Repairs are not allowed without authorization.